Monday, February 22, 2010


My New Year's Resolution is not working out very well. I promised that I would post every few days but since my Mother-in-law passed away, it seems I can't buckle down to doing anything. However, today we decided to kick each other in the butt and get moving and are in the process of making "Sweet & Sour Moose Meat"....have no idea what it will be like but I am trusting to my good friend that it is as delicious as she says it is. My mat hooking has gone by the wayside, but I WILL get back at it real soon..

I am posting a photo of the Mat I gave my Son and his family and they had it done with this rustic looking frame. I think it is quite nice and thought I would share it with you all....

Happy Hooking!!!!


  1. I love Moose Meat, we make bottled Moose meat a few times a year. Using a oversized pressure cooker on a portable propane stove in the yard on a sunny afternoon.

    Love the Rug, I never seem to finish mine your ahead of me.

  2. Every once in awhile you need a break, so don't sweat it.

    I love the framed mat and it looks great.

  3. Hi
    I just found your blog accidently. I love your mat. The scene is so very beautiful, just like Newfoundland itself!

    And the moose meat - oh have you ever made my mouth water.

    Kind regards.

  4. Hi breadgirl. Happy that you dropped by. Thanks for your compliments. Yes, Newfoundland is beautiful. Have you ever visited here?
    Sorry to make your mouth water. If you were near I would indeed share with you. :)