Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Mat

On November 18, 1929, a Tsumami/Tidal Wave struck Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula..Houses were washed out to sea with 28 people losing their lives...Devastation followed leaving people homelss and destitute...My home town of Lord's Cove was hit by mighty waves and one house was swept out into the water which resulted in a mother and three children losing their lives, while a fourth child was in a bed upstairs and survived, she being still living today...Margaret Rennie Saint.

I remember my mother telling of the horror of the huge waves and people running to higher grounds to escape, she being 20 years old at the time. There was much chaos and fishermen lost their fishing stages, gear, etc....everything was in a horrible state for a long time...fear still lingers in the minds of those who are still surviving.

I have hooked this mat as a depiction of that Tidal Wave in my community...There are just two black and white photographs available from that time and because I work with bright colors, decided I would attempt it...

This is my result. If you are interested, this link will help you to understand more fully just how terrible it was:


  1. You have managed to make a beautiful rug from a tragic story.

  2. Thank You, Kim....hope I never live long enough to see this happen again; although it has been said by scientists who have delved into this that there is a possibility sometime in the future...let's hope the future is far, far away.