Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before & After

Rhubarb is growing" like it is going out of style"....We have a huge garden of it and yesterday decided I would make the pies that I had been craving for...They are yummy, to say the least. I use a recipe from many years ago that my Mother used and you know they did everything by guess whereas, I have to have a recipe in front of me to follow to a "T". I follow her recipe as closely as possible to what she told me but it is difficult when she gave me estimates...I'm sure they won't be thrown away...
My Mother would be upset with me over one thing though...her strips (fingers as she called them) were always so neat and even....Not so for mine....


  1. I bet those pies taste every bit as good as your Mothers! I haven't picked my rhubarb yet but I am craving a good piece of R. Pie that is for sure! Do you have a secret ingredient you'd care to share? My Mom also makes killer pies of all kinds. ( her crust melts in your mouth! and I can't make mine like that for no how!!!!!!) Cathy G

  2. I made strawberry rhubarb pies on Tuesday with my six-year-old neighbor (our berries are just coming in). He says they taste like red licorice!


  3. Hi Anne,
    Your pies look so yummy! Where I lived in MA. there was an over abundance of rhubarb! Here in KY. not so much ... But while the in laws were here I did find a place that sold it tho. Shipped in from TN., and I made a couple of the strawberry rhubarb pies that I just love!
    I do have some here ...planted last year, hope next year I will have enough for pies.
    Have a great weekend ...
    Hope your girls (sheep) are doing good.

  4. Anne, I love the look of those pies

  5. Your pies look fab. I'm sure they taste terrific. Who carees if the strips are even? Not me. I would love a piece. (Moments in Time)

  6. Ann,

    Just discovered your blog, and I love your work! Your mat is just the type of hooking design that really interests me. I've been hooking for about 6 years now. We live in Missouri and were just in Nova Scotia a few weeks ago. We were hoping to get to Newfoundland, but time prevented us getting that far. I'll check back again!