Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sheep & Lambs

The sheep are outside of the barn over the past number of days until night fall. The weather is really cool and windy most of the time...The lambs don't seem to mind as they jump and hop around as if they are living their little lives to the fullest...It is such a pleasure to watch them and thought I would share a few photos of them.

Of course, Spedo & Mocha are very interested in those little guys who are trying, as they think, to intrude on their property...so cute!!


  1. Hi Anne,
    BOY! You sure do have a healthy bunch of lambs there ... All of mine are about gone. Weird, I had one born yesterday ... not even sure what it is yet tho. Very few will go to the market this year which I think is a good thing.
    Love the photo of the pups and lambs ... I don't know what it is about the lambs but they sure do love my Rat Terriers ... I think because they are small. Love your view. Stay warm!

  2. Thanks, Teri...we do live in a beautiful "spot" ....away from my community with lots of privacy.
    We don't sell our lambs until September month...
    Take care...appreciate your post.

  3. Hi Anne

    Maybe next year, I will enroll in the RHGNL and the August rug camp. It is 99% full for this year and I was too late!

    Love the pictures of your lambs. Do you use the wool for your mats etc?

  4. Hi Julie,

    Sorry for not getting back to you...Is the rug camp on the West coast this year?

    I have used a tiny bit of wool for clouds on some of my mats but have saved some this year to wash and dye, possibly...I don't have it "down pat" yet how to go about cleaning it properly..Should have asked my mother and mother-in-law about that ..I'm sure they did enough of that with spinning their own yarn through the years....