Thursday, July 22, 2010


I can't say that I can boast about blogging lately because I didn't realize it was so long since my last post; however; this is a busy time of year as a lot of you are well aware.

About three weeks ago I received the good news that my mat "Spreading Fish to Dry in Outport Newfoundland" was bought by the City Art Procurement Program. Here is an excerpt from their newsletter:

"the goals of the City’s Public Art Program is to engage the public with art and these new acquisitions enable the City to further its goal by displaying art in all municipal buildings. Through this program, the City also invests in its local arts community and builds a collection that will be accessible to future generations as public art. "

Needless to say, I am VERY proud of this. ALSO, one of them "Outdoor Mummers Scene" was selected by the Craft Council of NL. and is displayed at Devon House in ST. John's...If any my blogger friends are in the area over the Summer Holidays, you may want to take a peek...If you do, I would appreciate your feedback...


  1. Congratulations Anne! Very impressive. And its great to see a new post from you. I thought maybe you had forgotten us all :)
    Hope you are enjoying the summer.

  2. Hi Anne,
    Congratulations! That is the neatest rug and so deserving for that honor! I wish our area had the type of programs like yours to further the arts. It's been something on the back of my mind for quite some time now to get something started here. How wonderful that your community is doing these things to keep the arts and include rug hooking in the mix for future generations! You should be very proud! I am so very proud of you!
    Cathy G

  3. Hi Anne,
    Congratulations! That is quite an honor! Beautiful rug ... and so glad to see you back posting! Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. How are the sheep doing?

  4. Congratulations! Your rug is beautiful and how wonderful that your community supports the arts and that you are benefiting from that!!! You should be very proud!!!

  5. Congrats Anne, beautiful job. I love the Tsunami Rug. You really captured the moment.

  6. Thanks, Blogger friends...I appreciate your comments...And No, Kim, I had not forgotten you... :) :)
    Teri, the sheep are doing well so far. Hope things continue to go well until market time...

  7. Anne, that is absolutely terrific! I have missed your blog posts but know how busy you are this time of year.

    We are having a on and off summer. And I haven't had to water the garden this year, because of the rain every day or so. Hope I don't get a potato blight!

  8. Anne. just found your blog, and I'm so impressed with your work! Congratulations on the recent "awards". Are you a member of the rug hooking Guild?

  9. This is a beautiful rug. I love your blog. If you don't mind I am going to follow your blog. Thank you.