Monday, July 26, 2010


This is a picture of our pet lamb. He was one of a quadruplet and we fed him with a bottle of milk (milk replacer for animals) for quite some time. Actually, twice we thought the poor little guy was dead but my DH persisted and got him back to life each time..

My beautiful niece, Carolyn, visited with her Mother, Cecilia, in July and named him "RAMBO"...with good reason I would say because as we walked along he was tight behind us and would give a little nudge on the backside every now and again. He likes to walk in the same footsteps as you do and is a little nuisance because he could "take you off your feet" pretty quickly if unaware of him. BUT, we wouldn't part with him for any amount of money...He is a keeper. Two weeks ago he weighed in at 70 pounds; I'm sure he is at least 80 by now.


  1. He sure looks healthy and happy. That would be a cute rug idea - Rambo following along behind you. But not the knocking-you-over part! lol

  2. Little Rambo sure is a cutie! Maybe in Lamb school they forgot to tell him about the "gentle as a lamb" thing. I agree with Kim.......cute rug idea indeed!
    Cathy G