Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Veggies

Our vegetables are Organically grown in our own back yard...Kelp plus compost from our home, etc. is used and we feel that in using this mixture, no other veggies are comparable...Tomatoes, Green Peppers and Cucumbers are still growing in our green house, but I have used some cucumbers already for my lovely "Million Dollar Pickles" that I make every year. Much more harvesting to be done yet and can't wait to see the result....


  1. Love the new picture but that cat doesn't look vey happy about the moving pillow!! I just made up a batch of your bread/butter pickles and the marinated carrots.

    I didn't have a good garden yield this year. Only a few onions and while I have lots of potatoes, when you boil them up, they fall apart?? Yukon Golds but maybe not enough water.

  2. Ha, Ha, Julie, the cat, Goldie and Spedo love to spend time like this comforting to look at them in this way.

    Hope you like the pickles..I have made bread & butter, Million Dollar and two typed of Cauliflower ones so far this year. I haven't started the carrots yet..We are stranded here and I need to shop for some ingredients..Roads will soon have a makeshift way to get around...We have had Yukon Golds but we like Atlantics, they are sooooo dry and I do love dry potatoes. Seems as though all home grown potatoes need less time to cook anyways, don't you find that?

  3. The potatoes seem to boil away, flake away, even before they are cooked, leaving potato water.

    I know that you have lots of supplies for most things, but hope your roads are up and running soon.

  4. I've never had that problem with that type of potato, Julie...

    As for food, we could go for the next six months. thankfully.

    The Burin Peninsula Highway is finally connected to the Trans Canada; however, our section is not open yet but will have work started there tomorrow. We could take a route that is "Around" the Peninsula and I am not willing to do that....I can wait.