Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As you can see from these photos, we have been a little busy over the last while. Our barn is filled with hay for the hungry critters, sheep, for the winter. A friend brought their little grandson for a visit and a little walk around our small farm..Children, no matter what age, are in awe of those things because they don't see them anymore. We are the only sheep breeders in our town and we get visitors from time to time that are curious as to our duties. I'm not sure how I can convince my husband, Tom, to slow down....he is like the "Everyready" Battery....keeps going and going .........


  1. Anne,
    I just love your new header photo! That is too funny. I feel a sneeze coming on after looking at all that hay.

  2. Anne,
    That is the cutest photo in your blog header! It just makes me laugh! That must be where the "needle in the haystack" saying comes from! You could lose a kid in there and never find them!! LOL!
    Cathy G

  3. Thanks, Kim and sure is a nice picture. I love it...

    My sister was allergic to hay when we were growing up...It's been a long time at hay making for me....

  4. I wish we had room to put all the hay we need to feed our 2 horses all year! We're blessed because our suppliers are able to store hay for us in their old barn and we can pick it up as we need it over the winter. We generally use up the last of it just before first cutting in June!