Friday, September 24, 2010


How many of you good people out there like "Stuffed Squid"? It is such a yummy treat for us at this time of year. I think this is the third time we have had this scrumptuous meal in the last while. At any restaurant, of course, it is called "Calimari"....but I don't think it would be as tasty as those you see in my roaster today.... :) BUT, the photo of a 'squid' before cleaned doesn't look too enticing.... :)


  1. That squid is pretty cute Anne! He looks like a piece of Folk Art! LOL
    Enjoy your stuffed squid! I would imagine it is quite healthy too?
    Cathy G

  2. I do enjoy a bit of calamari in a restaurant, but not so sure I like to see it in its entirety. lol

  3. I have eaten squid but not really a fan. I posted the winner of the Icons of NL on my site. Raised over $1700.00 for the Bay of Islands SPCA.