Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frustration & Helpers

I have been trying to design another that I hadn't done before and have been at it for three days...The picture is there in my mind and so clear; yet I couldn't seem to get it to the burlap...Talk about Frustration....I thought I should give up on it and not bother...go on to another one...but No Way, I persisted and I have begun to hook it...Not sure if it will be suitable to show after it is completed.... :)

While in a turmoil over this, I dropped some burlap on the floor and when I reached to pick it up, Goldie had planted herself on top...not sure why the picture is so golden color...but here it is anyways...

After three days of brutal mental work, I laid it on the floor, to see what it looked like, or if it should go in the garbage, when Lo and Behold, Spedo decides he would like to rest on it...He was looking at me as if to assure me that the pattern was ok....I praised him for giving me the courage to keep it...:) :)

And some people say: "Animals are dumb"....Not in my house....


  1. From what I can see, under Spedo, it looks like an old school-house? I love your perseverance though. Gotta love our animals. I think they are telling us to pay attention to us, not the hook. Lol

  2. I really like the schoolroom design idea. Glad the animals cheered you on. I look forward to seeing more!

  3. I bet it will be beautiful. Do you have all your colors picked out or do you decide as you go along? Your pets are cuties too!!

  4. HiAnne, Goldie looks like my Morris. Morris is mended up from his cat fight. I have a blog post I had written but not posted yet about being frustrated trying to make up a design of my own. It is hard to make up something when your not an artist.Your rug looks great that your doing . Cheri

  5. susan, one of my problems is that I do NOT pick out my colors...I do that as I go along...:)

    At least I know that someone else goes through this dilemma....:)
    All pets are awesome, aren't they? Some day we would like to breed shih tzu's...not sure if that is a good idea though as I wouldn't want to part with them....

  6. Hi Anne, My first shitzu Indy did not like people but Maulie has been the best and sweetest dog. Morris and her are so much fun! Their my shadows. I couldn't part with the puppies if I was a breeder their too cute!Were getting an artic blast from Canada this weekend were at 1600 feet we might get snow!Which is super unusual where we live in San Diego County. I can hook all weekend.Have a warm weekend.Cheri

  7. Can't wait to see the finished result....looks like the critters have claimed it :-)

  8. Thank you for your visit. Many years ago I used to hook rugs; what a great hobby. Too much arthritis now, blogging has replaced it.

  9. I think your pets sensed your frustration and were there to encourage you! They know it will be beautiful when it's finished and it's their way of telling you to go for it!