Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter STILL

Well, we had a nice sunny day yesterday but nature must have been just torturing us because today we are having a bunch of snow yet again...

I am posting a picture of my beautiful little hometown of approximately 150 people. This is a portion of it. So picturesque...and Winter sure adds its beauty...
The green building is my former Grocery/Convenience Store, which has been converted into a House now and the White two-storey house to the left of it is my mother-in-laws, who passed away a year ago but left it for those members of the family who wishes to visit in the Summer months, or whenever the spirit moves them...such a great gesture...She sure loved her old homestead and worked very hard to keep things together as her husband died at the very early age of 57, as did my Dad, because of an industrial disease..

We managed to open the Root Cellar to get some supplies two days ago...Have to be careful not to let frost get in there...:)

Also, a picture of our Greenhouse..


  1. Hi Anne,
    About your family members passing away through industrial disease. Would that be through the feltspur mining in St. Lawrence? I heard about the settlement and what a shocking hardship these miners went through.

  2. Nice Pictures Anne...I am also waiting on the 15 cms of snow we are getting this evening....everyday is a snow clearing day! Cuts in on the hooking time...but more exercise :-)

  3. Yes,Julie, both my dad and Tom's died from the dreaded lung disease....silicosis...and it was a "FLUORSPAR" mine. Many, many people died very young and left large families in plenty of cases and the thing in the News now is so sad. We know of people who worked "on the surface" and was denied any compensation...So sad....

  4. Thanks, Paula...we are not getting much snow now...mostly windy and that causes poor visibility..the driveway needs to be shovelled again....Snow blower job, I guess...

  5. Thanks for showing us some pics from your corner of the world. I hope you don't get too much more now. I hear we are supposed to get another 10 cms tonight. I suppose that will just replace the stuff that melted yesterday.

  6. Hi Anne, Thank you for sharing your stories of your Life. I had never heard of Fluourspar mine.
    How sad for your families.It seems so unfair.
    The snow looks pretty and your town looks like a picture out of a book.

  7. Hi Anne,
    YUCK! Better you than me ... I am just so sick of cold and snow. I want it to be spring.
    Hope you and your girls are all okay.
    Lambing on track here.

  8. Your photos are beautiful! I love that you have a root cellar! I didn't know people still used them. What kinds of things do you store?

    We're supposed to get snow tonight . . . enough already, enough!

    Lung disease is horrible, and I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law, my dad died of lung disease at 58. He didn't smoke or work in a mine, he just had weak lungs.

  9. Thanks, Mary, and to everyone, of course, for commenting on my pics.

    Our root cellar contains...potatoes, carrotsand onions. Cabbage is stored separately as it doesn't keep well in the root cellar...everything else, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, peas, kale,tomatoes, green peppers, etc.. are blanched and frozen...yummy stuff.... ;)

  10. What a gorgeous place you call home Anne. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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